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Laurent Tourondel

A native of Auvergne, France, Chef Laurent Tourondel parlayed his love of food at an early age into a storied decades-long career, creating some of the world’s most successful culinary concepts. Tourondel’s career spans more than 40 years working in fine dining kitchens under such celebrated chefs as Jacques Maximin and Troisgros family; in restaurants from France to Hong Kong to London; Moscow to New York City. Along the way, Tourondel earned the highest of accolades including Food & Wine Magazine’s 10 Best New Chefs and Bon Appetit’s Restaurateur of the Year.

When Tourondel’s coveted three-star restaurant, Cello, suddenly closed in 2002 he turned his focus to the more ‘accessible’ experiences. In 2004 Tourondel launched the eponymous BLT brand, a collection of restaurants focused on the freshest, simplest ingredients, prepared using exacting techniques and served in bustling environments. Throngs of customers and rave reviews confirmed that Tourondel had hit a nerve amongst the critics and his guests. The BLT concepts earned Tourondel an array of two- and three-star reviews from The New York Times and a coveted Michelin Star for BLT Fish.

In the years to follow, Tourondel launched several concepts that range from LT Burger and Sag Pizza in Sag Harbor to L’Amico and The Vine in NYC; LT Steak & Seafood and The Alley in South Beach, Scusi and LT Bar & Grill in New Jersey. Most recently Tourondel opened the Tik-Tok sensation, Skirt Steak, a single item concept located in the heart of New York City, Caffeine, an all-day coffee concept in Westhampton, and Dune by Laurent Tourondel, an elevated seafood restaurant on the Florida coast. He also oversees food and beverage at event spaces Second at the Event and LT Above in New Jersey, challenging the traditional ideas of what a private event dining experience can be. 

Laurent Tourondel continues to lead the charge as the global culinary landscape continues to evolve. His restaurants focus on the freshest ingredients, the simplest preparations, and the most inviting atmospheres - each representing Tourondel’s unique creative perspective based on decades of culinary experience.           

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